Payday Loan

Payday loans are short-term unsecured personal loans that must be repaid by your next payday. To ensure that the payment will be made, the lender requires a postdated check that includes the borrowed amount, interest and fees

Payday loans tend to carry exponentially higher interest rates than personal loans — sometimes as high as 400 percent — and can come with a plethora of hidden fees. Because of this, they are often criticized for being predatory, particularly for borrowers with bad credit, who may not have another option for fast cash

payday loans

How to repay a payday loan

After you provide the postdated check and get approved for a payday loan, the full payment — interest and fees included — will be due on your next payday.

If your check bounces or you can’t pay the full balance on the required payday, you may have to roll the loan over to the next payday, accruing more interest in the process.

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