Credit Check

Why do I have to go through a credit check?

Credit checks are a standard process when applying for a  Personal loan, Student Loan, Business Loans, or any other loans. When performing these checks, MINI Financial Services is merely protecting its customers against running up too much debt. A copy of your identity card and your last two payslips are all that you will need to legitimize yourself.

Credit Check

Credit report review checklist

  • Is your name correct?
  • Is your Social Security number correct?
  • Is your current address correct? Is your current phone number correct?
  • Are the previous addresses they have listed for you correct?
  • Is your marital status listed correctly?
  • Is the employment history they have listed for you accurately?
  • Is everything listed in the personal information section correct?
  • Is there anything listed in the public record information? Is it correct? Highlight the
    information you think may not be correct.
  • Review each item under the credit account (trade account) section. Are the accounts on
    Is the list still open?
  • Are all of the current balances correct?
  • Are accounts where you are an authorized user or joint owner listed?
  • Are zero balances recorded for debts discharged in bankruptcy? For debts paid in full?
  • Are you listed as a co-signer on a loan? Is this correct?
    Are accounts that you closed listed as “closed by the consumer”?
  • Is negative information reported on each credit account correct? Look for late-payments
    and missed payments. Highlight those items you think are not correct.
  • Are any accounts listed more than once? Check to make sure the same account is not listed multiple times in the collections section.
  • Is old negative information still being reported? If yes, highlight the information that has
    exceeded the negative information reporting limit, which is usually seven years.
  • Do you suspect that you have been the victim of identity theft after reviewing your credit

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